Return Services

AVC’s Reverse Logistics Management program enables consumers and retailers (yes, even big box retailers such as Costco and Walmart) to return RMA product directly to our warehouse.

Our robust computer system allows shipments ranging from individual units, that are returned via USPS, to a full truckload.

Our receipt program and dashboards allow you, our client, to see what RMAs have been returned, when they have been returned while our seasoned team determines what condition they are in and, if they can, or should, be refurbished

Then, as part of our dedicated logistics services, we will tailor the best strategy for refurbishing and repackaging to allow this product to return as a high valued product in the secondary market.

Reverse Logistics Supply Chain Solutions

Reverse Logistics Management is an essential part of the supply chain process. With the rise of on-line purchasing, the inevitable result will be ‘returns’ of on-line purchases to the distributor, manufacturer, or re-seller.

Reverse Logistics Management is the process of accepting returns and converting them back to working capital--for you.

Most returns are as result of customer (buyer’s) remorse and, other than perhaps opening the package, the product is still untouched and functional.

Disposing of it then costs money. However, if it is functional and just needs refurbishing or repackaging then why not reverse the loss and make it into a gain?

Your quick response to your customer’s return (RMA) increases your company's value and customer satisfaction.

AVC's Dedicated Reverse Logistics Services

Reverse Logistics RMA Managment


From the moment of receipt, the RMA order is available in AVC’s system to manage, receive, inspect, change, or close. As part of our reverse logistics management, we are your one-stop-shop solution for your return services. Our goal is to tailor define the RMA management process according to your needs.

Reverse Logistics Receving and Initial Inspection


The first step of the reverse supply chain solutions, where our dedicated receiving team will inspect your product according to your pre-defined guidelines. Our team classifies and moves each return to its destination in our warehouse. Our dedicated reverse logistics service team identifies any visible scrap product which will immediately be separated. This first inspection lower your cost by eliminating unneeded steps.

Reverse Logistics Discrepancy Managment


Another critical step in our reverse logistics management process is identification of discrepancies early in the process. Our system is capable of tracking any discrepancies with your RMA order. Once our dedicated reverse logistics receiving team recognizes a discrepancy, it is recorded in our system and you, the customer are notified. Our goal is to assure you, our customer, of any discrepancy and to resolve it immediately.

Reverse Logistics Product Testing


An essential part of the reverse logistics management process for any reverse logistics company. If your product needs any testing (serviceability, functionality, etc.), we have the perfect solutions for you. Our team will perform your testing and record the result in our ERP system. Our system is capable of recording many failure codes, re-tests for the same components, multi-components, and much more. We define our testing process in accordance of your needs.

Reverse Logistics Reconfiguration


Do you need to reconfigure firmware within a product? Do you have a product with old software that needs to be upgraded before you can ship it to your clients? We can do this for you! AVC has more than ten years of experience with reconfiguration processes as part of our supply chain solution process.

Reverse Logistics


Refurbishment of your product maximizes your return on investment (ROI) for that product. Our dedicated reverse logistic management team refurbishes your product and manages this process with no hassle for you. We source the parts you need, design a new package for your refurbished product, and ship it for you.

Reverse Logistics Factory Recertification


Have a product that is returned from a retailer that needs software updating, testing, configuration, ‘part switch out’? AVC’s experienced supply chain solutions team does all the above and will even package again to factory specifications allowing your product a second life in the global market.

Reverse Logistics Stock Rotation


Of course big box retailers send back what they call “stale” product or even you have refreshed packaging ideas. Not a problem for AVC’s supply chain solutions who can design your new packaging, receive your product in the old package, dispose of the old packaging and make you a NEW unused product which is now refreshed.

Reverse Logistics Automated Tools


At AVC, we believe in transparency. As part of our reverse logistics management, we offer access to our online dashboards and customized reports that will keep track of your product within our processes. Need an extra special report? Our development team will be happy to support this and tailor the correct report, just for you.

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