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AVC is committed to providing the best End to End supply chain solutions and logistics services.

AVC can design your perfect package that will fit best for your product and market needs.

AVC can assemble and pack your product and fulfill your package as part of our supply chain and logistics management.

AVC's comprehensive supply chain and logistics management enable you to oversee the handling of your product without the burden of your actual involvement.

We invested in an enhanced ERP system, that is customized to handle every clients' specific demands or needs.
Our system allows us to achieve our logistics supply chain management goals through serial control, EDI management, and logistics service support.

Further, we allow full transparency for each client by giving you access to real-time reporting through customized dashboards.

Structural and Graphic Design

AVC focuses on providing customers with innovative structural and graphic design solutions for their diverse packaging needs.

AVC aim is to ensure that we develop a high end, secure, and aesthetically pleasing package that will not only promote our clients' products but will stand out to the consumer as well.

You can rely upon AVC to create packaging that brings your product to the market in a secure and attractive package, whether it is on the shelf, display, or doorstep.

Interested in learning more about our packaging capabilities?

Visit our packaging innovation page to learn more.


AVC Corporation is a global retail packaging manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience in custom retail packaging and several locations in the U.S. and China. 

As part of our logistics services, our bilateral packaging program allows us to produce the packaging components at a China pricing level while assembling here in the U.S.

This makes our End to End supply chain solutions unique in the industry.

Our Certifications

  • Club Store & Retail Packaging
    Our patented ERB (Environmental Rigid Blister) and Enviropack retail/club packages are available at Costco, BJs, Sam’s Club.
  • Corrugated Display & POP
    AVC produces custom designed and assembled displays for retail powerhouses such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Staples.
  • Custom Packaging
    AVC accommodates our client’s needs by providing specialized packaging designs and solutions including self-closing boxes, blow-molded plastics, bags, and stationery binders.
  • Thermoforming
    Trays, blisters, clamshells, clampacks, inserts, and end caps are part of a wide variety of thermoformed products AVC specializes in.
  • TSP - Totally Sustainable Packaging
    AVC’s concern for the environment has led to the use Environmentally friendlier plastics and greener packaging materials. AVC is a leader in sustainable and eco-friendly packaging concepts with production facilities in the U.S. and China. Our TSP packages (Totally Sustainable Package) has been used by Amazon in their FFP (Frustration Free Package) and SIOC (Ships In Own Container) tiers.

Assembly and Kitting

For over forty years, AVC has received our customer's products and components for kitting and assembly jobs.

Whether it requires assorting six powers and four styles of reading glasses into kits, or the packing of various children’s toys into retail displays, AVC can handle all your packaging needs.

Combining all your components into a single kit for e-commerce shipping is easily handled by AVC’s well-versed staff. AVC’s kitting Logistics services can include serialization control for clients who need easy access to data information.

Leading industries that we serve:

  • Electronics
  • Cosmetics
  • Toys
  • Clothing
  • Beverages
  • Food

End to End Supply Chain Solutions


End to End Supply Chain Solutions

Inventory management

We manage component and finished good inventory levels allowing you to avoid surpluses and obsolescence. Our inventory management system functions through our web-based dashboard and minimizes item discrepancy issues.

  • Demand Planning
    AVC manages each client’s operational forecasts to ensure material availability, when required, for production and pack out.
  • Manufacturing and Assembly
    AVC facilitates the receiving of inbound materials and coordinates the necessary supply chain management throughout the assembly process.
  • Postponement Ability
    AVC’s capabilities allows our clients to improve their lead time through product postponement. Clients therefore may ship generic products that AVC can then configure to your requirements. AVC’s postponement services allow you to commit to JIT requirements.
  • Build-To-Order / Configure-To-Order
    AVC matches each client’s specifications to configure or build product to their specific demands.
  • Web-Based Dashboard
    Clients have visibility of their inventory 24 hours a day through AVC’s web-based dashboard which allows our clients full transparency to monitor production, inventory, fulfillment, and return activity.
Logistic Supply Chain Management


Logistic Supply Chain Management

Forward Logistics

Logistic Supply Chain Management
  • E-commerce shipping
    AVC's ERP system integrated with several shipping carriers to be able to ship directly to the consumer
  • Retail shipping
    AVC's ERP system allows us to create customized solutions for special projects, including packaging and compliant labeling requirements for specific retailers.
  • International shipping
    Clients have visibility of their inventory 24 hours a day through AVC’s web-based dashboard which allows our clients full transparency to monitor production, inventory, fulfillment, and return activity.
  • Back to factory shipping
    According to your needs, AVC can also ship your product back to your factory. However, as part of our End to End supply chain solutions and logistics services, we can also manage your returns and repair or refurbish your product in our factory.

Return Merchandise Authorization: ( RMA )

AVC’s End to End supply chain solutions Reverse Logistics program allows manufacturers and distributors to authorize retailers or end consumers to return products directly to AVC’s warehouse. AVC performs a visual inspection to determine the condition and recertification possibilities. AVC then implements a refurbishing and repackaging strategy for recertification and distribution in the secondary market. AVC can then design new packaging and handle all requirements and protocols. AVC is an FDA registered repackager/relabeler.

For more information please visit our Return Services page

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