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Totally Sustainable Packaging is AVC’s new packaging system which eliminates the use of all plastics in the shipping package. With e-commerce dominating the retail shipping business, and buyers indiscriminately tossing the packaging into the trash, a new concept was needed for a package that can be quickly opened, recycled, and that is truly sustainable. This custom made box is adaptable for each client’s specific demands for shipping a wide array of electronic or fragile products through e-commerce channels.

The first of AVC’s TSP packaging systems used for e-commerce was approved for and used for both Amazon FFP (Frustration Free Package) and SIOC (Ships in Own Container) tiers. This unique one-piece cardboard box can be opened and disposed of (in a recycling bin) in under 20 seconds. The TSP design is currently AVC’s most advanced sustainable packaging solution available to our clients.

EnviroPack and EnviroBox

EnviroBox and EnviroPack are innovative and designs that prioritize the use of corrugated and paperboard materials.

Constructed primarily of corrugated material, both the EnviroPack and EnviroBox allow for diverse design capabilities that not only sustain AVC’s contribution to eco-friendly packaging solutions but provide attractive designs to the consumer.

The EnviroPack and EnviroBox are two of AVC’s most reliable and innovative green packaging retail designs.

APP (Asset Protection Packaging)

The APP (Asset Protection Packaging) design was created in conjunction with several asset protection departments from Fortune 500 companies to discourage theft and minimize losses. This package is tear resistant, stands alone, can be placed on a peg, or, in a POP. The APP design is AVC’s newest solution to providing a sustainable and protective packaging design for our clients.

POP-Up Box

The Pop-Up box is a new environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional rigid setup box. It boasts a unique flattened design to simplify the shipping process and reduce transportation costs caused by high volume. The POP-Up box’s contribution to minimizing these challenges, simultaneously reduces the carbon footprint while still providing an innovative and sustainable packaging solution.


At AVC, our concern for the environment led us to use more renewable and sustainable packaging materials at the expense of plastic. Greener packaging is another step in protecting the earth for future generations.

Over the years, AVC advanced to the forefront of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions by shifting packaging products from PVC to eco-friendlier materials. AVC implemented the use of more environmentally friendly plastics such as clarified Styrene, NatureWorks ® PLA, Bio PET, PET, and PP, in addition to extensive research and development on environmental-friendly packaging designs. AVC has been working with retailers to create sustainable supply chain solutions and is a proud member of the Wal-Mart Environmentally Sustainable Packaging Committee, a group that provides brand-owner vendors, private-label manufacturers, and packaging supplier’s guidance on what they can do to help improve the sustainability of their packaging. AVC’s long-standing commitment to renewable and eco-friendly materials enables us to be the best partner to customers who are seeking a sustainable packaging solution.

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